While the majority of taxpayers settle their taxes with the IRS before the due date in April, that isn’t always the end of the IRS working through the returns to ensure accuracy. After tax season concludes, it is followed by matching season. This is when the IRS reconciles the information on each return with information from other entities (employers, educational institutions, financial firms, etc.). Matching season tries to pinpoint unintentional errors and intentional omissions. Whenever the IRS finds an issue between the two sides, they send out a letter to notify the taxpayer. How do you know you’ve received a real letter?

Is Your IRS Letter the Real Deal?

Unfortunately, those looking to take advantage of the frightful reputation that the IRS has also know that this is the time of year that IRS letter are sent. If you receive a letter claiming to be from the IRS, you should first take it to your tax professional to verify its authenticity. If you did receive an authentic letter, you should respond to the letter as soon as possible. Many times, your response to the letter will resolve the problem without contacting the IRS directly.

Many fake letters will request immediate payment and make severe threats, like arrest, if payment is not made. If you see such serious language used, it should be a red flag. The IRS, in the first letter, is looking to straighten things out and not send you straight to prison! Many scam letters will also ask for payment from prepaid credit cards and gift cards to quickly get your money and disappear. The IRS will not ask for payment from prepaid cards, and that should be a serious red flag.

Make sure that you inform your family members, particularly elderly people who are more likely to fall for such scams, how to identify an authentic IRS letter. Remember that the IRS always makes the first contact via US mail, and not over the phone or through an email. Don’t be afraid to contact Miles Tax Advisory if you receive one to verify the authenticity in a timely manner and correct any issues.

Protect Yourself from IRS Scams with Miles Tax Advisory

If you received a letter from the IRS and are concerned about its authenticity or looking to get started on your 2020 tax planning, we are always here to assist you!